Monday, 22 October 2018

Studio Developer Cool New Feature #8 - New UI Designer

Studio Developer contains all new designers for both GUI windows and block mode screens which make significant improvements to the Gen UI design capability, based on user feedback and enhancement requests provided by the Gen community.

Key features of the new UI Designer include:

  • The Window / Dialog size is no longer restricted to the size of the monitor. The window / dialog box can be designed to any size with scrolling and zoom functions.
  • Windows and Dialogs for each procedure step are edited in independent editors allowing changes to different procedure step UI designs to be saved independently.
  • Property sheets are used to specify all of the window and control properties, eliminating the need for most secondary pop-up dialog boxes.
  • The co-ordinates and sizes of controls can be directly entered as property values to allow precise positioning, or the keyboard arrow keys used to precisely move controls one pixel at a time.
  • You can design the layout of controls before binding controls to specific views, allowing you to define the views after you have decided what controls are required.
  • Commonly used controls can be placed in a shared 'snippet' library for easy reuse.

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