Monday, 29 October 2018

Studio Developer Cool New Feature #3 - Partially complete statements

One of the strengths of CA Gen is that it imposes a high degree of integrity on the models. For example, when coding an action diagram, you cannot reference an invalid data object or create an invalid statement.

In the legacy Gen toolset you must fully complete each statement before it is added to the action diagram. This can create a lack of flexibility when coding more complex logic since you may wish to partially complete a statement and then review some other part of the logic or check something elsewhere in the model before completing the statement.

The action diagram editor in Studio Developer has been designed to cater for partially complete or invalid statements, and it only requires
them to be correct and complete when you apply (save) the action diagram to the local model.

In the example below, an IF statement has been partially created. The developer wanted to check on possible values for the reason_code, and so has left the statement uncompleted allowing them to review the description of the attribute before completing the condition. Note the error marker indicating that the statement is incomplete.

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