Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Studio Developer Cool New Feature #6 - View Definition

One of the most frequent activities when developing in Gen is to create new views, usually via view matching or by copying existing views to a new view section.

The old Gen toolset suggests the same view name when copying views, which when you are copying an import view to an export or local view is not very useful because usually you will have view naming standards to follow.

With Studio Developer you can specify preferences that define your view naming standards. In the example below,
the view standards specify that import views start "IMPORT", export views start "EXPORT", etc.

When copying views, if the view name being copied starts with the keyword for that view section and you are creating the view in a different view section, for example copying an import view to an export view, the suggested view name will substitute the keywords. For example, copying a view IMPORT_DEFAULT from the import view to an export view will result in a suggested view name of EXPORT_DEFAULT.

Other preferences allow you to specify whether new views are placed at the top or bottom of the view section and also which is the default section for new views when copying views for View Mapping.

In practice we have found that this small enhancement results in a significant time saving and also makes it much easier to conform to view naming standards.

The short video below shows this in action.

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