Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Overlay Controls

A new feature for the next release of Rapide is Overlay Controls.

These allows you to 'overlay' the contents of a listbox cell with an editable control. This could be a simple text field, a push button, drop-down, date picker, slider, spinner, etc.

In the example below, various columns contain editable controls, for example a spinner, checkbox, date picker and drop-down.

The above example used the same overlay control for each cell in the column. In the example below, the overlay control in the cell is dynamically defined using a hidden column, allowing different cells in the same column to use a different control. This is especially useful for property sheets.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Load Testing Rapide Applications with JMeter

We recently needed to perform some load testing for a Rapide application to simulate hundreds of users accessing a Rapide application on the same web server. To do this we used the Apache JMeter tool, which is a commonly used open source utility for load testing web applications.

With JMeter you can record a test script and then play it back, simulating the workload of many users.

There are some special considerations when recording a Rapide application, and these have been documented in a new user guide "Rapide Load Testing Guide" that is included in the latest Rapide 1.1 download.