Thursday, 28 November 2013

Row Templates

Row Templates are a new feature in Rapide that provides a mechanism for sophisticated layout of listboxes on browser and mobile platforms. They are especially useful for use on mobile platforms where HTML markup is not supported.

With the row template style, each row consists of a single column with the Gen listbox attributes placed as cells within the row. Click events are supported on each cell and for browser platforms the cells can also contain HTML markup.

The example below shows a row template layout. Each of the cells is specified in a separate attribute of the group view and the layout defined using the Rapide Designer.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Fixed Listbox Columns

When you have a listbox that contains many columns and the user has to scroll sideways to see all of the data, it is often useful to be able to fix the position of one of more 'identifier' columns on the left of the listbox so that these do not scroll, and hence the user is able to relate the data in the right most columns to the row identifier.

Rapide now allows you to fix the position of one or more columns so that these do not scroll horizontally. This is illustrated in the two images below.

After scrolling to the right, notice that the Type and Resource columns are fixed in position:

Listboxes with Markup

Another new feature for Rapide listboxes is the ability to use HTML markup to format the data in a cell.

The listbox below is a standard Gen listbox which has been enhanced with Rapide. The data in the Model column contains HTML code that displays the picture and text with formatting markup which is then rendered. The data in the Retailer column is a simple HTML link which will open the link in a separate tab of the browser when clicked.

Tree View Listboxes

The latest beta release of Rapide comes with some significant enhancements to listboxes.

Listboxes can now be easily transformed into a tree-view control with the addition of attribute views in the group view to indicate the tree level, expand status and bitmap name.

Another enhancement is the ability to specify a checkbox on the first column. This is associated to another attribute view that indicates the checked status.

An example of a tree view with a checkbox indicator  is shown below.