Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Multiple Instance Tabs

We have recently been working on a project to convert a Windows GUI application to a browser. The application allows the user to open multiple instances of the same window to detail a customer record.

Viewing multiple windows on a desktop application is common design approach, but this does not translate well to a browser or mobile application because a browser does not have the same window switching facilities of the Windows desktop and mobile interfaces do not support multiple mode-less windows.

A new feature in Rapide called Multiple Instance Tabs provides the solution. They allow multiple instances of the same window or dialog box to be opened at the same time in separate tabs. An example from the Rapide Controls Demo is shown below. Each tab is an instance of the same detail procedure step but instead of appearing as separate windows, they are displayed within a tab control.

Converting a multiple detail window design to a multiple instance tab is quick and easy and requires very few changes to the model.