Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tabbed Frames and Resizeable Sashes

Initially on the roadmap for early next year, we have brought forward the implementation of tabbed and resizeable frames to the first release so that these can be used in the port of GuardIEn WebCR to Rapide.

Tabbed Frames are an easy method of implementing tabs. The parent window contains a frame which is designated as 'Fixed Tab' Each tab is then designed either as a separate procedure step or as a secondary dialog in the same p-step.

A primary window or dialog can also have a single horizontal or vertical resizeable frame called a Sash. The user can resize the sash to adjust the relative size of the parent dialog and the dialog embedded inside the sash.

Migrating GuardIEn WebCR to Rapide

We have started to re-write the web front-end to GuardIEn (WebCR) using Rapide. Not only will this enable us to deliver a much better user interface for WebCR and also provide a mobile interface, it will also provide valuable input to the development and testing of Rapide.

If you would be interesting in beta testing WebCR on a browser or mobile interface (iOS or Android) or have any suggestions for enhancements to the functionality, please get in touch.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

First Presentation for Rapide

Just back from the Finnish Gen user group meeting in a very warm Helsinki (well actually the CA offices in Espoo) where Rapide was presented for the first time. Despite a (not too serious I hope) comment that an IET product should have an 'IE' in the name, the product seemed to be very well received.

Talking about iOS and Android in the land of Nokia raised the obvious question about support for Windows Phone 8, and we shall have to see what the demand is, though Windows Phone apps can still be supported via the browser, but not yet as a native app.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Rapide Announcement

Today we have announced a new product called Rapide. This is a very exciting new development for CA Gen and we will be using this blog to provide regular updates and seek feedback from the Gen community.