Thursday, 22 November 2018

VerifIEr integration in Studio Developer

VerifIEr is IET's quality assurance and code checking tool. The best time to detect any errors is whilst you are developing the code rather than after the fact, so it makes sense to integrate the code checking with the development tool.

Whilst VerifIEr allows you to run checks at any point in the development life-cycle, the toolset plug-in can be used to check code in the local toolset model / subset before uploading the changes to the encyclopaedia.

With Studio Developer we developed an integrated VerifIEr capability which allows you to check the objects as they are developed. If the VerifIEr editor is open, then when you apply the changes to an object, it is automatically added to the scope of the VerifIEr checks to make it very quick and easy to then check for any errors or warnings.

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