Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Custom Naming for Data Structure Objects

So far the postings on new features in Studio Developer have concentrated on the action diagrammer, but there also some useful enhancements in other parts of the development tools as well.

You can specify rules for how Studio Developer allocates names to attribute DSD names
, tablespaces, link tables, indexes, RI constraints and foreign key columns using Model Preferences.

In the Model Preferences Editor, you specify a naming rule using a combination of name parts separated by a ‘+’ operator.

The name parts can be:

  • Literals enclosed in “”, for example “FK” or “IX”
  • An ‘n’ or ‘m’ which indicates a generated number to ensure uniqueness, optionally followed by one character to be used for the first instance, for example ‘n_’ or ‘m1’. If n is used, the first unique number is 0, for example FK0xxxxx. If m is used, the first unique number is 1, for example FK1xxxxxx.
  • A property value or substring of a property value, for example PARENT_TABLE(1:3) is the first 3 characters of the parent table name.

The advantage of naming rules is that when you transform new or existing data model objects to data structure objects, the site standard naming rules are automatically applied.

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