Friday, 17 March 2017


Gen GUI logic allows you to invoke an event handler via a USE of a dummy action block called TIREVENT. For example, to invoke the event handler called "CLICK_LOGIC" you could define an event called "CLICK" in the window and then invoke it as follows:

SET temp_tirevent.ief_supplied.command TO "CLICK"
USE tirevent
       WHICH IMPORTS: temp_tirevent.ief_supplied TO Work View in.ief_supplied

This use of a dummy action block TIREVENT has always seemed a bit strange and unnecessary, so for a Rapide application, you can now invoke the event via an API call:

INVOKE temp.rapide.object . postEventToSelf( "CLICK" )

However you would still need to create the event in the window design, which again seems unnecessary, so you can now also just directly post an event to invoke the event handler by its name:

INVOKE temp.rapide.object . postEventByName( "CLICK_LOGIC" )


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