Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rapide Block Mode Option

We are developing a new feature for the next release of Rapide called the Block Mode option. This will allow you to generate a web and/or mobile application directly from the Gen block mode screen designs.

This new feature is aimed at Gen applications that are currently using block mode (3270) screens but wish to implement a more modern user interface for a browser or mobile device.

In the past this transformation has required a rework of the UI to use a Gen GUI window design. Because there are several key features of block mode screens that are not supported in the Gen GUI (for example enterable listboxes with more than one column), the conversion to a GUI/Web interface also requires changes to the models and also the behaviour of the application.

Whilst these are not insurmountable issues, they do involve additional development, testing and user training which can add up to a substantial cost, especially for large applications.

With the Rapide Block Mode option, the user interface is generated directly from the screen design, with the option for additional enhancements via the Rapide Designer.

Rapide has been enhanced to support various aspects of a Gen block mode application that have not been required for a GUI design, for example:

  • enterable listboxes via the Overlay Control feature
  • ability to add additional rows into a listbox via the Auto New Row feature
  • support for MAKE and SET NEXTTRAN statements executing on the server when the application uses a client/server architecture
  • support for mapping function keys to push buttons and override accelerator keys

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