Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Global allocation of local views

Gen GUI C applications are able to take advantage of an environment variable IEFLOCALVIEWALLOCSCOPE which can be set to GLOBAL causing local view values to be shared across PSteps.  

Thus you can flow to another PStep, use non-initialised views in the PStep or in lower-level ABs, flow back (closing the called PStep), then flow to the same PStep again, or use the same AB, and those non-initialised views are maintained with the same data values.

In CA Gen code this functionality is only available for C clients and not for Java clients.

Rapide has been enhanced to provide similar functionality. However whilst the Gen GUI clients implement this as an environment variable that affects all action blocks and procedure steps, for Rapide to make more efficient use of memory, you explicitly specify which PSteps and ABs should have their local views managed globally for the session.  

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