Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Expanding & Contracting Group Boxes

A new feature added to Rapide is the ability for desktop and browser applications to have expanding/contracting group boxes. These allow infrequently used fields to be hidden away and free up space on the browser window, which is especially useful when designing for smaller browser sizes like mobile and tablet devices.

The example below comes from the Rapide Controls demo which has been updated to use this new feature.

Note how the group box has an image on the top left and expand/contract control on the top right. The layout management has also been updated to allow control positions to be relative to other controls. In this example the second and third group boxes are positioned vertically relative to the group box above so that when the group box expands or contracts, the group boxes below it are re-positioned.

Take a look at the live demo (navigate to the Text Controls page):

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