Thursday, 5 January 2012

Unadopting action blocks

A customer recently contacted us with an issue related to having two action blocks (in different models) that had the same ancestry but were otherwise different, i.e. different names, logic, source code member name, etc. Because they had the same ancestry, GuardIEn was managing them as the same deliverable, but they needed to be managed separately.

The solution was to give the second copy of the action block different ancestry, but how, since there isn't an unadopt function on the CSE.

The workaround was as follows:
  1. scope a subset containing the ABs that you want to unadopt
  2. download the subset
  3. generate a new (temp) model on the CSE from the subset so that the ABs in the new model have new ancestry
  4. selectively adopt just the business systems in the new model to the old model
  5. selectively adopt the ABs in the old model to the ABs in the new model so that the ancestry in the old model changes
  6. delete the new (temp) model

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