Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Visualising Data

With the development of pathvIEw, we wanted to provide a graphical display of how complete the testing was for each module. To do this, we developed a new function in IETeGUI to provide a percentage complete indicator to display in a listbox cell, like this:

This got us thinking about other ways of visualising data to make it easy to glance at a table of data and see the most important bits. We therefore created two additional bar chart styles which are illustrated below. The first style is just a single bar and is used to illustrate the number of statements - the longer the bar, the more statements there are.

The second style is similar to the first, except that the colour is based on a medium and high threshold. We have used this for the complexity column, with green showing low complexity values, amber for medium complexity and red for high complexity.

The nice part about using IETeGUI is that the above is handled without the need for any additional OCX controls and is displayed in a standard Gen listbox.

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