Wednesday, 3 November 2010

64 bit conversion

Gen r8 introduces the first platform to support 64 bit C code, which is HP Itanium. For the next release of our products, we will be using Gen r8 for Itanium and hence have had to port to 64 bit.

The UNIX source code generated by Gen is not specific to a particular UNIX implementation, so the same code is compiled for 32 bit on AIX and PA-RISC and 64 bit for Itanium. The difference is in the compiler options used.

One difference in the Gen r8 generated C code is that the variable used for the repeating group view 'last' flag has changed from an int to a long. In 32 bit architectures, an int and a long are both 32 bits, whereas for 64 bit, an int is still 32 bits but a long is 64 bits for the LP64 architecture used in UNIX (but still 32 bit for the LLP64 architecture used by Windows IA-64).

This means that EAB code must be modified to change an int to a long for the repeating group view variables in import and export views. You will also need to look through the EAB code to see if you have used int and long incorrectly since they are no longer the same. The same is true for pointers, which become 64 bits in both LP64 and LLP64 architectures.

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