Monday, 10 May 2010

Gen r8 z/OS Libraries for Batch

Gen r8.0 introduces support for operations libraries on z/OS (zLIBs). These are DLL load modules that contain one or more action blocks. The zLIB load module contains the DB2 language interface module and this is environment specific, for example DSNCLI is required for CICS, DFHLI000 for IMS and DSNELI for batch.

Therefore, as with standalone dynamic action blocks, a separate version of the zLIB is required for each operating environment, typically one for on-line and server environments and one for batch. This is also true for dynamically linked RI triggers since these are implemented as DLL load modules.

With 'normal' dynamic action blocks, separate on-line and batch versions are created by installing an on-line or batch load module that uses the dynamic action block. This requires the on-line and batch load modules to reside in different business systems and each business system must have a separate load library so that the on-line and batch versions of the dynamic action block are linked into different libraries.

In contrast, zLIBs and dynamic RI load modules are installed as separate load modules rather than as part of a normal load module. At present with Gen r8.0 you cannot specify whether you want to install the zLIB for on-line or batch and hence you cannot create a batch version of the zLIB.

We have developed a solution for this dilemma with GuardIEn 8.0, which has support for linking both on-line and batch versions of zLIBs and RI DLL load modules. CA plan to address this limitation with a service pack for Gen r8.0.

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