Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mapping Group Views

Gen allows you to view map group views with differing cardinalities on USE statements and dialog flows if the receiving view has a higher cardinality than the sending view.

However the view match remains intact even if you then subsequently change the cardinality of the sending view to a value that is greater than the receiving view, so you could end up with a sending view that is larger than the receiving view, which could then cause unexpected results, like loss of data without a runtime error. In this case, you could not establish the view match again, but the existing view match is still 'valid' in the model.

If the group view sizes were initially the same, the developer might not think that they need to add in any extra validation logic, but a subsequent change to one of the group views might then cause problems.

A new check in VerifIEr allows a quick check for differing group view cardinalities with a warning if they differ but are valid and an error if they differ and are invalid.

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