Thursday, 22 October 2009

Unused and Duplicate Prompts

We have been developing our products for close to 20 years now and one of the consequences has been that we have found quite a few unused and duplicate prompts in the models. We also have a multiple model architecture and a policy of migrating the entire data model to each of the development models. This results in all of the prompts also being duplicated (and unused) in all of the models.

Apart from having a large number of redundant prompts in the models, it can also make the selection of prompts in the window/screen designer tedious because the large lists of unused and duplicate prompts makes locating the desired prompt harder.

There is a Gen function in the toolset to delete unused prompts, but this requires the model to be downloaded, and ours are too big. It will also not get rid of duplicates.

We have therefore written a new genIE function to both delete unused and consolidate duplicate prompts.

The result is faster downloads because you are not downloading extra prompts and also easier selection of existing prompts in the window/screen designer.


Kwee Mun said...

I presume this is in 7.8 only?

Darius Panahy said...

The new function will actually be in the next release (8.0)