Friday, 24 April 2009

Memory Usage Update

A previous post described some of the techniques that we have used to reduce the memory requirements of Gen applications. One of the approaches that we have been trialling is to delay the allocation of local view storage for generated C code.

The generated C code for an action block will define a structure for the local views and the memory for these structures will be allocated for all of the action blocks linked into the load module when the load module is loaded, even if the action blocks are not called. Note that this is only strictly true for action blocks that do not have any uninitialized local views.

We have developed a source code post-processor that re-defines the local view structure so that the memory is only allocated when the action block is called and is then freed on return from the action block.

This has dramatically reduced the memory usage of the load modules, especially for co-operative servers that remain loaded by the transaction enabler.

We have been running with the modified code for a month now with no unexpected results. The benefits are a big reduction in the overall memory requirement. This allows us to improve performance by a combination of having more load modules loaded into the TE thus reducing program load time, freeing up memory that can then be allocated to the DBMS and fewer page faults.

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