Friday, 20 March 2009


Welcome to the IET Gen Development Blog. I decided to start this blog to share some of the tips and techniques that we have learnt at IET in developing our products with CA Gen. We are passionate about CA Gen and the main aim of this blog is to help other Gen users learn from our experiences (and mistakes!).

The blog is likely to be composed of random information and is not designed to be a structured training course in Gen development!


Anonymous said...

hi, my team have developed a big system using Stripes at front end and Gen(EJB) at the back end. can you share your experience how to increase the development process. what we do now is make the mapping document to map the data within front end and backend. i think this process is slow when to integrate with the frontend.

Darius Panahy said...

Hi Anonymous. This sounds like quite a big question and we use full Gen client/server, i.e. Gen front end and back end, so do not have the problem you have the need to create a mapping document. However I will take into account your request for experiences on the development process for future postings.